Sistem Notifikasi Otomatis Tracking Klaim Reimbursement Melalui Whatsapp Dalam Mendukung Peningkatan Layanan Pelanggan Pada Perusahaan Asuransi Kesehatan PT. XYZ

  • Fahrul Nurzaman
Keywords: Notification, Tracking Claims Reimbursement, Scrum Method


Customer satisfaction is an important factor in the company's business continuity. One way to get customer satisfaction is by improving the quality of service to customers. The presentation of information and data needed by customers is one form of service provided by the Company. One of the information and data needed by customers, especially in the health insurance business is information and data regarding the process of settling reimbursement claims. Customers need information and data whether the claim has been completed and payment has been made. For this reason, the company PT. XYZ, which is engaged in Health Insurance Services, has implemented strategies and innovations in implementing Information Technology by developing an Automatic Notification System for tracking Reimbursement Claims via WhatsApp. With this system, customers do not need to ask for information and data from the company, customers automatically get information and data into the customer's WhatsApp. Notification contains information and tracking data of reimbursement claims from receipt, verification and payment processes. The Automatic Notification System for Tracking Claims Reimbursement via WhatsApp was developed with the Agile Software Development Methodology using the Scrum Method. This paper discusses how to develop and implement a reimbursement claim tracking automation notification system via WhatsApp using the Scrum Method to support companies in improving service to customers.