Analisis Kualitas Website Smp Negeri 2 Barombong Kecamatan Barombong Kabupaten Gowa Dengan Metode Webqual 4.0 dan IPA

  • Muhammad Rusli
  • Mira Ziveria
  • Alwi Adib N
  • Lucky Hartanto S
Keywords: information quality, service interaction, usability, webqual 4.0


Website is a form of mass media that is published via the internet network that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. To see the quality of a website it is necessary to measure it. By measuring the quality of a site, users' perceptions of the site can be identified. In this study using the WebQual method that has been sent by adding the dimensions of Website Design and user satisfaction with the three main dimensions of WebQual 4.0, namely Usability, Information Quality, Service Interaction. Based on the results of the Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) analysis, it can be seen that what is important by the user and needs to be improved immediately in the preparation of the information layout. Keywords