Analisis Sistem Antrian Menggunakan Software Simulasi Arena Pada PT Indomobil Trada Nasional (Nissan Depok)

  • Teguh Apriyono Purwanto
Keywords: Queue System, ARENA Software


PT Indomobil Trada Nasional Nissan Depok branch is an automotive retail company that is engaged in vehicle sales, repair and spare parts sales. Customers who come to make vehicle repairs (service) previously have to register at the registration counter, every day many customers come so that there is a queue at the registration counter. Initial observations based on the results of the customer satisfaction survey (CSI) occurred the largest customer complaints, namely customers who complained about the length of waiting time to be served by the server. The purpose of this study is to determine the efforts made by companies to improve waiting times in queues with the help of arena simulation software. The Nisaan Depok workshop applies the discipline of First In First Out (FIFO) queuing with a total of 4 servers, 2 servers serving registration services for booking customers and 2 servers serving non-booking customers. From the simulation results of the initial model, namely by using 2 servers, it is known that the average waiting time for server 1 is 0.1431 hours and server 2 is 0.0476 hours. The simulation shows that the average waiting time for customers on servers 1 and 2 is 0 hours, while on server 3 is 0.19 hours, so the service provided by Nissan Depok can be said to be optimal.