Pengembangan Teknologi ERP Modul Human Resources Management Studi Kasus Aquarius Boutique Hotel Sampit

  • Ariseha Luluk H
  • Eka Prasetyaningrum
Keywords: Human Resources Management, Payroll, PPh21, Information System


Aquarius Boutique Hotel Sampit is a company engaged in hotel services and is the only four-star hotel in the city of Sampit – Kalimantan Tengah. This company has a Human Resources Development Department, which is one of the cogs for that company that manage various data. Such as managing employee data, applicant data, PPh21 data, official data, annual leave data, job data and attendance data. The data is currently computerized by Microsoft Excel, but data redudancies often occur and there is no integrated system in the company. To overcome this problem, an ERP with a websitebased Human Resources Management module was built using an iterative methodology with planning phase, an analysis phase, a design phase, an implementation phase and a testing phase. And in this application will use the MySQL database, the Adobe Dreamweaver program and the PHP programming language. So, it is hoped that with this information system application, it can help the employees to work faster, more effectively, more efficiently and be able to present valid company reports