Strategi Pemasaran Di PT Asuransi Astra Buana (Garda OTO) dengan Metode Analytical Network Process Dan Fuzzy Topsis

  • Harimas Sumilu
  • Surya Perdana
Keywords: Strategi Pemasaran, Analytical Nework Prosess, Fuzzy TOPSIS


The target of the Policy Registration Premium was not achieved in the period July
2019-December 2019 at PT. Astra Buana Insurance for the Garda Oto product is a problem
that must be resolved as soon as possible, this condition shows that the marketing strategy
implemented has not provided maximum results for the company. The purpose of this study
is to determine the priority of appropriate strategies that can be applied in service
marketing, and can increase sales within the PT. Astra Buana Insurance for Garda Oto
products. This study uses the Analytical Nework Process and Fuzzy TOPSIS method. Based
on the research results that the strategy chosen for PT. Astra Buana Insurance for Garda
Oto Products is segmentation. Segmentation was chosen at rank 1 with the highest value
with a value of 0.632, while in rank 2 the difference was 0.425, and at rank 3 cost leadership
with a value of 0.322 occupied the lowest position.