Proyeksi Masyarakat 5.0 Melalui Model Pembelajaran Berlandaskan Hots Di Perguruan Tinggi

  • Wijayanti Wijayanti
  • Susi Yunarti
  • Dian Harmaningsih
Keywords: Society 5.0, Learning Model, HOTS, Projection


Writing this research article aims to explain the need to develop
learning models and methods based on HOTS in higher education, in order
they can really contribute positively to the development of society 5.0. The
research method is descriptive analytical by conducting observations and
interviews with 30 students at two universities in Jakarta. The results of the
study show that there was a contradiction between the necessity to carry out
online learning which requires students' digital skills to be further developed,
and the need for HOTS development in the learning process. Digital
capabilities that are a requirement for human quality in the industrial era 4.0
must still be equipped with the ability to think, which is problem solving,
critical, creatives and innovative. For the future can projection society 5.0.